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What should I pack for Nosara, Costa Rica?

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We’ve already seen some of Nosara’s history and prominent attractions. We’ve seen how to go to Nosara and even analyzed factors before arriving in Nosara in prior articles, but now what do we bring?

In this piece, we’ll look at some packing ideas for Nosara so you can enjoy everything Nosara has to offer.

Nosara is a tropical beach town on Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. Although it is not as humid as the Caribbean, you will notice the humidity as soon as you step off the airport. Temperature, of course, has a role in outfit selection, ranging from 80oF in November to 90oF in April. This, along with the humidity, causes an increase in heat feelings, necessitating the use of cooling clothing.

When packing for NosaraCosta Rica, imagine yourself on a tropical beach, hot and humid. You’ll need bright colors and light fabrics; flip flops, cargo pants, shorts, swimsuits, beach cover-ups, t-shirts, tank tops, jumpers, kaftans, cardigans, kimonos, polo t-shirts, sunglasses, caps, and broad-brimmed hats.

Humidity levels can range from 65 percent during the dry season to 85 percent during the wet season. Temperatures may also differ between day and night.

At Nosara, you will probably enjoy the beach, swimming pool, surf, stand-up paddle, or something similar, as well as yoga, supper and refreshments, reading, peace, and wellbeing in general, as well as some tours, sightseeing, bird and monkey watching, horseback riding, and so on, so pack appropriately.

The standard travel pack consists of a carry-on bag and full-size baggage, and you must shove everything into it, so you must be selective about what you choose. We hope you find this information useful.

Carry on Bag

Consider carrying a suit jacket or a light sweater for the occasional evening or a high-air-conditioning hotel room, which may help you for semi-formal dinner attire combined with casual shoes.

Because your checked luggage may be forgotten by the airline, it is always a good idea to keep your toiletry bag, travel document holder, and some basic clothes in your carry-on bag.

For this reason, and also since the US Transportation Screening Administration allows you to bring 3.4 ounces, 100 ml or smaller size containers in a 1-quart resealable plastic bag that may pass through checkpoint security, it is recommended to have a small travel toiletries bag.

In addition to your normal shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant, shaving cream, and so on, you should consider using a sunscreen with at least SPF 50, preferably zinc oxide water and perspiration-proof reef-safe sunscreen.

There are two factors to consider here: humidity and warmth will cause you to sweat a lot, and you will need a sunscreen that is resistant to water and perspiration. There is also a large pollution problem with sunscreen and reefs, so a zinc oxide sunscreen is more earth-friendly. It is available on Amazon.

Don’t forget to bring lip balm and eye drops. Remember to bring your prescription, as well as some sunburn cream. Other options include a bamboo toothbrush and, if feasible, a reusable straw. Remember that Nosara is an ecologically conscious community.

You should also have a travel document holder in your carry-on bag, where you can store your passport, plane ticket, customs and immigration documents, as well as your driver’s license, medical prescriptions, transfer and hotel reservations, tours and activities reservations, insurance information, contact, and family phone numbers and contact information, credit cards, money, and any other important documents you may require.

This travel document holder would be more useful if it had an RFID blocking credit card holder as well as being fireproof and water resistant. Don’t forget to bring a pen to complete your customs and immigration forms.

Finally, pack a pair of UV sunglasses, a bathing suit, and clothes that can be washed in your room and dried overnight, such as a couple of t-shirts, a pair of short pants, and some underwear. Basic necessities, in case those are the only items you bring with you to your destination. (Hopefully not.)

Use Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Full Size wheeled luggage

You may pack all of your items that are more than 3.4 ounces in your full-size suitcase, but don’t forget your insect repellent. You will almost certainly find sunscreen, bug repellant, shampoo, and body lotion here, but I am very sure you will spend a lot more on them. Therefore, it is always preferable to bring your own.

You also placed the remainder of the clothes in this luggage. As a hint, roll compress your garments to keep them crease-free and conserve space. All creams and wet bottles should be kept in airtight plastic containers or plastic bags. Aside from your phone and maybe your camera, keep your devices to a minimum, and the same goes for jewelry.

Bring a foldable tote bag or a gym bag for your beach and swimming pool outings. I also recommend getting a waterproof phone bag so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged due to humidity or a water mishap.

Special Activities

If you plan on horseback riding or an ATV tour, remember to bring light-colored long pants and water shoes. In case you don’t know, the streets around Nosara are all dusty. For that, it is better to have a scarf, a handkerchief, or a bandana, for use as a mask, and a cap is also a good idea.

Remember to bring your yoga mat, yoga pants, and shirts, and if you want massage therapy, consider wearing a light kimono or a comfy easy flexible garment.

Surfing requires the use of an SPF 50 UV protection rash guard, board shorts, and a wet/dry bag. If you are already a surfer, there are several stores where you can buy or rent a board in a variety of shapes and sizes if you do not want to carry your own. If you want to take surfing lessons, Nosara has all the equipment you need. There are multiple surf schools in town with plenty of equipment and boards.

When you start the road, I see you carrying large wheeled luggage, a couple of purses, one containing your photographic gear. (I’m speculating here), and a carry-on bag, maybe a light jumper or a light suit jacket. You’ll be wearing some casual shoes, the only large pants you’ll carry (hopefully not denim), a shirt or a long dress, and a large hat in your hand, so your hat and jacket don’t bend and wrinkle, and your shoes don’t interfere with your baggage. And I believe that is the best approach to go about it.


We hope these suggestions help you figure out how to pack for NosaraCosta Rica. If you think something is missing, or if you have any other questions before visiting Costa Rica, please contact us. We will make every effort to assist you.

In subsequent articles, we will assess where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and ultimately a series of ideas that will allow you to experience the best that we have to offer.