Nosara Travel Tips

Nosara Travel Tips

Enjoy your time in the jungle to the fullest with these helpful tips from seasoned visitors.

1. Pack a hat.

Nosara’s outdoor activities makes it very easy to get distracted and you might find yourself getting a little too much sun.

2. Prepare to get dusty.

Bring a few bandanas or buy a mask to protect yourself from heavy dust during the dry season. Sunglasses are also a must.

3. Slow Down when driving.

The faster you go the more dust ends up in the air causing serious health problems for our community, yourself included. You’ve come a long way to enjoy Pura Vida style, so forget the rush hour attitude and take your time on the roads.

4. Separate your recyclables and organics from burnable trash.

Nosara proudly runs its own recycling center where glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, electronics, and plastic are collected, processed and recycled. Local supermarkets sell clear bags specifically for this purpose and the recycling truck makes pick ups every Wednesday morning.  

5. Check that your debit and credit cards are ready for international use before heading to Costa Rica.

There are two ATM’s at your disposal: Banco Popular located on the main entrance past Cafe Paris works Visa, and Banco de Costa Rica next to the gas station for Mastercard.

6. Call for help.

Emergency phone numbers are posted on signs in different sections throughout Guiones and Playa Pelada. Look for the sign and jot down the number. This will be especially useful in case of a break-in or to report any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Tourist police can be reached at 26820075.

7. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Be sure to shut windows, doors and activate alarms, especially during the evenings. Keep valuables hidden from sight and avoid bringing computers and electronics you won’t need as these are easily spotted by potential thieves.

8. Bring a flashlight.

From short blackouts to getting home safely while walking on dirt roads in the dark, flashlights always come in handy.

9. Tip your server!

It’s customary to tip 10%-20% to service personnel but you are welcome to tip even more if you’re really happy with your service.