Local Tours

Local Tours

Nosara has much to offer! Contact us for suggestions or bookings on any of the tours below.

Canopy Tour
Too fun to pass up! Get a bird’s eye view of paradise one one of the highest and longest zip lines in the country.

On the exuberant Rio Nosara, lose yourself in the beauty of the river’s peaceful waters. The surrounding mangroves are teeming with life.

Turtle Tour
To witness this miracle of nature is considered a once in a lifetime experience. Take a guided tour of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, one of the world’s most significant nesting sites for Olive Ridley sea turtles. Arribadas and turtle egg hatchings occur only a few times a year, usually 40 days within each other.

Stand Up Paddleboard
Both ocean and river expeditions lead by experienced guides will satisfy your need for adventure.

Surf Lessons All Levels
Beginners through advanced, group and privates, Nosara’s beaches are known world wide for their consistent waves and effective, fun loving surf schools.

SIBU Sanctuary
Visit the Sibu Sanctuary where injured or orphaned animals are rehabilitated for release. This two hour tour aids the sanctuary in their goal to educate and encourage respect for animals and their habitat.

Bio Reserve Tour
Take a guided tour in the heart of the jungle though a private nature reserve situated along the Rio Nosara. From the wondrous Nosara Rivermouth and through 35 hectares/90 acres of protected land home to unique species of plants, mangroves, and wildlife.

Horseback Riding
Tours for experienced riders or all those who’ve dreamed of a sunset riding session. One of Costa Rica’s long held and beautiful traditions, Nosara offers a wide variety of equestrian schools and stables.