Make the Nosara Way a part of your vacation experience. Create truly inspiring memories which you’ll carry with you wherever you go by helping to preserve, protect and nurture our beautiful community and ecosystem. Contact us directly at any time for more information on any of the projects listed.

Plant a tree and take a tour of our beaches and support BarriGuiones. Located in the National Wildlife Refuge Ostional, the project has planted more than 4000 trees. Adopt a tree, help care for and plant existing trees, meet amazing people and learn something new. For more information contact www.costasverdes.org.  
Support the Waste and Recyling Association of Nosara and our local Recycling Center. In response to the degradation of our immediate environment and natural resources, this group’s goal is to maintain a high quality of life by introducing modern and sustainable waste management practices in the Nosara area and beyond, while educating these communities on the importance of their participation in proper waste management. Contact www.nosararecycles.com for more information.
Take the Nosara Challenge! The Nosara Challenge on Facebook is a call to action and everyone and anyone who loves Nosara is invited! To join simply post a short video of yourself in action, making a difference, whether it’s big or small. This is an open invitation, and once you take the challenge we ask that you nominate 3 people to take the Nosara Challenge so it can continue to spread awareness and inspire change. Share at on Facebook group page Nosara Challenge.
Visit the Sibu Sanctuary where injured or orphaned animals are rehabilitated for release. This two hour tour aids the sanctuary in their goal to educate and encourage respect for animals and their habitat. You can volunteer your time, donate, purchase a calendar or simply learn more about your impact on Nosara wildlife. To learn more visit www.nosarasibusanctuary.com

Give a little love to those who love the most. Nosara Animal Care provides health care for Nosara’s most vulnerable animals. We rehabilitate homeless, injured, and sick animals and find them loving homes, and work with the community through educational programs to promote animal health. Make a difference at www.nosaraanimalcare.com